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The Kingdom Hearts Translation Project


The Kingdom Hearts Translation Project!
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Translations of KH-Franchise Media


Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Translation Project! Here you will find translations of various Kingdom Hearts media, from the game novels to the manga to miscellaneous findings. Please feel free to look around! The tags page may help you find what you're looking for, or there are links on the main page of the community. If you like what you see, please watch the community to see updates!


All translations are the work of your community mod, kawree. Novel translations are embellished and fleshed out to read more like English prose, but artistic liberties taken do not change the fundamental purpose or feel of the scenes in question. All scanlation edits and cleaning are done by kawree unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to use these translations as you see fit, but please don't repost them without permission. Credit for these translations is also appreciated, since it's a time-consuming labor of love. ^_^

All content is locked to members-only to protect copyright. Please join the community to see the translations. All original media is the property of Square Enix, Nomura Tetsuya, Kanemaki Tomoco, and Amano Shiro. This community is for the sharing of amateur translation, so that English-speaking fans can enjoy these works, and is not intended to replace the officially licensed Japanese media. Please support the original creators!

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